New bicycle entrepreneurs offer unique frames and accessories in Chile

At Bicicletas Allegra, Nación Pedal and Citycleta you will be sure to find the most original designs by people who adore  their two-wheeled vehicles. 

As biking in Santiago becomes an increasingly popular means of transportation, new entrepreneurs are coming up with more innovative products for the growing bike culture. Inside this metallic jungle of options, we have hand-selected three stores for their truly inspiring and comfortable designs. Being able to shop online if you wish, is also a plus!
Bicicletas Allegra
Bicicletas Allegra is an initiative started by Lucio Álvarez, a creative soul. His bikes as are unique as their owners. He co-designs each bicycle with each bicycle-lover after a personalized interview. The final design for each bike is based on each person’s needs, desires and preferences to allow them to have true freedom of movement.
Álvarez offers an alternative to the un-personalized models of modern-day mass production, and his alternatives go beyond the market to create a rideable piece of art.
You will often find wood and bamboo in the design of Bicicletas Allegra. These materials are not just original in their unique aesthetic quality, but are also renewable materials. Any metal if not recycled, is wasted, and unfortunately this happens way too often. Wood, on the other hand, returns to the earth and can be reused by nature.
To see more on Allegra Bicycles look  here.
Nación Pedal
Nacion Pedal is a company that focuses on urban mobility and is run by a team of dedicated people who have been promoting and defending this swift and athletic means of transportation for years.
Here you will find the basic accessories for safe urban bike use such as lights, reflectors, locks and bags. They also advertise a selection of their favorite products – carefully chosen by the staff.
Nación Pedal also has a wide range of bikes, highlighting the Voltaire model, a simple and elegant design that can be personalized as well.
The Bicicentro at Nación Pedal provides bikers with three services: parking, maintenance and bike stores.
Customers can visit  Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 8pm daily. And Saturdays from 10:00 am to 2:00pm.
The Bicicentro is located at the Plaza Felipe Dawes, at the Manuel Montt metro stop, exit on Provicencia.
To visit their website, click here.
Founded by two self-identifying biking fanatics, Citycleta offers one-of-a-kind products based on the founders’ experience living abroad in bike-friendly cities.
After living in Paris for some time, they got used to biking around the city as a means of transportation and as a lifestyle. Along with using bikes to go to work and other places, they began to want bikes that were both comfortable and functional.
Safety was always an important matter for them.  However, they thought, why should accessories have to be purely functional, when they could also be stylish and trendy?
They began as an online store, but have now opened a store on Rebública de Cuba at the corner of Pocuro in Providencia, Santiago.
Visit their virtual store and find bike lights, cool helmets and containers especially designed for your bike, and discover what this design-duo means when they say “trendy”.
They open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 8pm.
To visit their site, click here.