New guide sums up 120 of Chile’s best roadside eateries

‘Guía de Picadas de Carretera’, now available in bookstores, recounts the country’s best picadas, the country’s classic restaurant.

The signature sandwich at Kiosko Roca’s Punta Arenas. Photo by Kiosko Roca / Facebook.
The signature sandwich at Kiosko Roca’s Punta Arenas. Photo by Kiosko Roca / Facebook.

Just in time for summer road trip season in Chile comes the release of Guía de Picadas de Carretera, a must-have handbook for any foodies planning a trip to the Andean nation. Guía de Picadas de Carretera, or Guide to Roadside ‘Picadas, documents 120 of the country’s most memorable ‘picadas,’ or homey and down-to earth Chilean eateries.

“[Picadas] are places where you go to take a little pause along the road, a place to rest and to eat something delicious,” Daniel Greve, a Chilean food and wine critic and editor of the new book told La Tercera.

Picadas across the country specialize in home-cooked, local cuisine, and regional favorites at reasonable prices. These joints often pioneer their own original creations – the best of which gain notoriety throughout the region or even the country.

Greve hoped that the manual would enable its readers to enjoy “abundant, authentic and flavorfulChilean cuisine.

Greve worked together with with Santiago chef Juana Muzard, travel writer Consuelo Goeppinger, and journalist Claudia Maluenda. The idea for the guide emerged from an earlier publication called Nuestras Picadas de Carretera written by Juana Muzard and two others. The first edition only managed to describe 40 Chilean picadas, leaving the team anxious to provide more complete documentation.

While many of the locations came from personal research, the team also garnered valuable information about local picadas via their twitter account @NuestrasPicadas.

“So much information came from there,” Greve explained, listing the examples of locations to find the best alpaca meat in the north and chorizo sandwiches accompanied by banana milk in the south. Twitter users provided the team with a wealth of insider knowledge that often only comes from living locally.

Guía de Picadas de Carretera comes with a handy fold-out map, addresses, descriptions, and typical meals offered by each restaurant. It’s available at the Feria Chilena del Libro online or at many of their locations across Chile.