New LAN deal to link Santiago with Asia-Pacific tourist hotspots

Chile’s national airline has announced a partnership with Australian airline Jetstar to open up flights from Santiago to Thailand, Indonesia and Japan.


LAN Chile has announced a deal with Australian airline Jetstar that will allow Santiago passengers to connect with a host of popular tourist destinations in Asia-Pacific.

The national carrier will use Jetstar’s network to operate flights from Santiago, recently ranked one of the top two airports in Latin America by an international survey, to Bangkok and Phuket in Thailand, Bali, Japan, Vietnam, Hawaii and Singapore, all via Sydney, Australia or Aukland, New Zealand.

LAN will also use Jetstar to connect to seven cities in Australia, including Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and the Gold Coast, and three in New Zealand: Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown.

“This agreement increases the number of destinations in Oceania, Asia and South East Asia and allows passengers to reach a number of attractive tourist hotpots,” said LAN’s passenger chief Armando Valdivieso during an interview with Chilean newspaper El Mercurio.

“Young people traveling in Asia can fly with LAN from Santiago to Sydney or Aukland and then on to Indonesia, Thailand or Japan.”

LAN will use Jetstar’s large-capacity Airbus A330 planes for long flights and its smaller A321 planes for shorter flights.

The Chilean airline joins the ranks of many international carriers who have partnered with the Qantas affiliate Jetstar, including Air Canada, Air France, Air Pacific, American Airlines, Continental, Etihad, KLM and Qatar.

Following the announcement on Dec. 29, the share value of LAN Airlines SA increased 0.9 percent, according to a report in Chilean newspaper La Tercera.

The deal comes as LAN prepares to merge with Brazil’s TAM Airlines, making LAN the largest airline in Latin America by market value. The combined entity, LATAM Airlines Group, will be the world’s second-biggest carrier between North and South America, after American Airlines, and the fourth largest flying between South America and Europe.