New site guides Chileans traveling to support La Roja in Brazil

Chile’s Foreign Ministry has created a website to help fans travel safely to this year’s World Cup.

Chileans are excited to cheer on their side in Brazil. Photo by Barra Chilena
Chileans are excited to cheer on their side in Brazil. Photo by Barra Chilena

Despite facing a group that many have been deemed the ‘group of death’ in the first stages of this year’s World Cup, Chileans believe their team has what it takes to go far this year. Thousands are expected to make their way to Brazil to cheer on La Roja as they attempt to fight their way to the top.

Chile’s Foreign Ministry is doing its part to help those fans who are making the trip to celebrate their team by setting up a new website with safety tips, travel advice, and emergency information. The tag line of the site, which means “I am going to the World Cup,” is ‘Recommendations for a safe trip to Brazil in 2014.’

The site, and the various plans put in place ahead of the massive global event, was put together through the coordination of multiple ministries and agencies within Chile and between neighboring South American countries. Chile’s ministries of transportation, telecommunications, health, interior, as well as police and travel agencies all worked together to create the best possible product.

Heraldo Muñoz, Chile’s foreign minister, also met with counterparts in Brazil and Argentina — as many Chileans will pass through the neighboring country to reach Brazil, to coordinate safety procedures and other necessary plans.

“The Foreign Ministry has developed a contingency plan that considers deploying officers to reinforce the consulates. Both Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo will have twice as many officials than usual. It will also install mobile consulates in the places where the Chilean team plays and there are no resident consulates,” Muñoz said at the launch of the site.

Fans can also use social media to stay up to date on travel alerts. The Chilean Foreign Ministry has set up the handle @Minrel_Mundial on Twitter as well as a Facebook page.

Chile has looked impressive going into the World Cup, with a 2-0 win over England at the hallowed Wembley Stadium in November and a tight game against Spain — who they face in Group B — that ended in a 2-2 draw. La Roja’s first World Cup match kicks off in Arena Pantanal, Cuiabá on June 14.