New university careers are introduced to take advantage of Chilean natural resources

Two new careers are being offered: Expedition Guides and Expedition and Ecotourism Engineering. They both seek to encourage development of tourism in Chile and take advantage of its natural beauty


Among Chile’s greatest attractions are its natural landscapes. Whether the Atacama desert to the north, the beaches of the Pacific coast, the snowy Andes or the forests and glaciers of Patagonia, the country offers a wide variety of sceneries and climates. To take full advantage of these resources, starting in 2010 the Universidad San Sebastián will offer two new academic options: “Expedition Guides” and “Expedition and Ecotourism Engineering”.

The first course of study will have a duration of two years and Expedition and Ecotourism Engineering will extend over four years. In the latter case, during the last six months of their career, students will be able to choose one of three majors catering to different aspects of the country’s geography: mountain environments, navigation or geotourism.

These new programs seek to train professionals and enable them to offer quality tourism services. According to estimates by the World Tourism Organization (WTO), close to 10 percent of world employment relates to this industry, generating 12 percent of the global Gross Domestic Product.

In fact, tourism in Chile grew 6 percent in 2008, and received visits from 2,650,000 foreign tourists. The industry generated more than US$ 2 billion according to Sernatur, the agency in charge of promoting tourism in Chile.

Another institution that is offering new programs related to tourism in Chile is the Culinary School. The course of study is called Culinary Arts and Services Administration, and it aims at promoting and supporting entrepreneurship in the gastronomic sector. The academy also holds courses on Business Administration of Hotels and Services, as well as Business Administration of the Wine Industry.