New virtual map offers fun details on parks in Chile’s capital

The new map provides detailed information about 42 green spaces in Santiago and can be accessed on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Santiago is well-known for its dozens of beautiful parks. But it can be time consuming to find information about each unique green space around the city since details are often spread across many different websites.

That problem has now been solved thanks to a new online tool that maps the locations and details of 42 parks throughout the Santiago area. The new tool, a joint project between Chile’s Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning and the online platform Mapcity, can be quickly and easily accessed on smartphones, computers and tablets.

The new interactive map is marked with bubbles that indicate the locations of parks throughout Santiago. Clicking on a bubble pulls up a window with descriptions and photographs of the park. It also includes data such as the park’s hours, infrastructure, activities, public transportation options, and more.

In addition, when viewing the map on a smartphone, the interactive map can pinpoint the user’s location using GPS technology and display parks that are closeby.

The goal of the project was to make information about Santiago’s green spaces accessible in a one-stop location, according to Mauricio Fabry, Director of Parque Metropolitano.

“The data from each of these places is on their respective web sites, but this map gathers them all in one place, in a simple and friendly way,” Fabry said in a statement.

Housing and Urban Planning Minister Rodrigo Pérez Mackenna said the new map aims to make it easier for citizens and visitors to enjoy Santiago’s beautiful parks more easily.

“We want to promote cities, neighborhoods and public spaces in a more accessible way. These green spaces positively impact people’s quality of life,” he said.

In addition to its great parks, Santiago is also a wonderful city to explore on two wheels. To truly make your Santiago green space experience complete, rent a bike and check out Mapcity’s interactive map of the city’s best bike routes.