New Year: Time of Traditions

When the year finishes, Chilean resort to many traditions in order to begin the new year the best way.

Imagen: jacinta lluch valero

The New Year celebrations, together with the national holidays on September, 18th, are no doubt the time when families and friends gather to celebrate the new year arrival and say goodbye to the one that’s ending. And in order to begin the best way possible, Chileans follow a series of traditions, which keep popular culture alive year by year.

One of the most traditional ones is the fact of wearing yellow underwear. According to what it is believed, it helps happiness and good omen come to our lives. Another tradition which is about abundance and wishing well is eating one spoonful of cooked lentils by the time the clock reaches 00:00 o’clock. In addition, people eat 12 grapes, one per month, which would help us accomplish our projects and wishes for the incoming year.

If we want to travel in 2015, the tradition is to walk around the block with a suitcase right when we start the new year.

Furthermore, if we don’t want to have economic problems, we can put some money in our shoes, golden rings on the toast glass or in our pockets.

But the most curious one and which attracts international media’s attention is the one that is carried out in Talca, seventh region. Whole families move to the Cementerio General (General Cemetery) to be with their late relatives by the time the new year arrives.