New York Post highlights the benefits of skiing in Chile

The prestigious U.S. periodical published an article about the virtues of the Chilean ski centers, which attract the best skiers in the world every year.


The Chilean winter sports resorts, located in the Andes range, are renowned for being among the best places to ski on Earth. In fact, the well-regarded U.S. newspaper New York Post recently published an article highlighting the virtues of these resorts, in particular for tourists from the northern hemisphere to enjoy counter-seasonal skiing activities.

Thus, the periodical makes reference to the attributes of the Portillo hotel as the ideal place to stay for experienced skiers. “Portillo’s commitment to serious skiing has attracted many of the world’s best skiers over the years; everyone from Stein Eriksen (he once ran the ski school here) to Bodie Miller, who has trained here with the US ski team”, stated the publication.

It also describes Valle Nevado as a beautiful, welcoming place with a large array of lodging alternatives, from five-star hotels to other more rustic types of lodgings.

It also highlights the terrain park at Valle Nevado, which is defined in the article as “a snowboarder’s dream”.

It also emphasizes how near these ski resorts are to the Chilean capital. “It is hard to believe that here, we are just two hours by car from the sprawling city of Santiago”, the article states.

It also describes the attributes of the city of Santiago, which has many wilderness outfitters and ski shops for amateurs and experts to find what they need. In the words of the New York Post, “if you were forced to make a comparison, (Santiago) is a little like Denver, without the altitude”.

Finally, the periodical highlights that “Chile is considered to be the safest country in South America, with good roads and an excellent police force”.