New York Times praises Chile’s Coastline in its Travel Section

The North American newspaper complimented the peace of coastal towns of the central area of country even though they are close to bustling Santiago, capital of Chile.

Imagen: Fernando Rodriguez para el New York Times

“Just getting to the Chilean coast from Santiago — a trip of less than two and a half hours — is a treat”. This is how one of the paragraphs in which Eric Lipton, journalist of the renowned New York based newspaper, describes his experience in Chile with his wife. He then focuses in the country’s coastal towns attractions and marvels at the vast and green valleys that confine the towns.

During their trip, Lipton and his wife visited four towns: Zapallar, Cachagua, Maitencillo and Concón, from which they praise their peaceful atmosphere and the sea product freshness. Regarding the former, Lipton makes a stop to recommend “El Chiringuito”, a restaurant by the end of Zapallar’s fisheries market, where they serve the best of the daily catch. On the other hand, one of the aspects of Cachagua that called the journalist’s attention the most is the simplicity of the surroundings and the little island just off its coast, which houses a small national park that is a sanctuary for thousands of Humboldt penguins and other bird species. Regarding Maitencillo, Lipton recognizes the towns as a venue for the practice of surf and paragliding. Finally, the journalist’s highlight were the classic dunes from Concón, which are part of the town’s landscape and from which people do sandboarding, and the Boutique Casadoca Hotel.

This is another review of Chile made by The New York Times; the previous one was made by the beginning of this year. In this review, the travel section listed Valle del Elqui among the 52 destinations to be visited this 2015. These add up to the one made by the travel publishing house, Fodor’s Travel, when they listed the country among the best honeymoon destinations.