Nonprofit campaigns to unite citizens in finding housing solutions

Un Techo para Chile aims to raise one billion pesos through volunteer work.

Un Techo para Chile, (A Roof for Chile) a nonprofit principally dedicated to solving housing problems in Chile, has launched “100xsientosocial” (100 percent social), a campaign that aims to raise one billion pesos (US$ 2 million) in the coming months.

The money is going toward sustaining the organization’s work in ‘campamentos’ or low-income housing areas and vulnerable communities in Chile.

The acclaimed work of Un Techo para Chile–which has improved the lives of millions throughout Latin America–involves the construction of emergency homes called mediaguas, as well as permanent homes.  The nonprofit also  directs social programs encompassing micro credit, education, libraries, training and community organizing, among other initiatives–work they have been carrying out since 1997.

The campaign is also a creative way of disseminating a message to a wide audience by bringing visibility to social problems associated with housing, and working to spread the inspiring message that there is a real possibility for change.

“We are all part of the same social body,” Cristián del Campo, chaplain of the institution explained. “And if we unite everyone’s goodwill, it’s possible to come up with the solutions to the problems that millions of Chileans face.”

“In Chile,” he continued. “We have all the conditions and the resources to end poverty, we just have to convince ourselves that it is possible to achieve it.”

Throughout the month of June, the organization will embark on a national tour throughout nine regions of the country. There will be events held in the main plazas of each city and in gymnasiums as well as  other locations.

Several important Chilean artists will be performing in the tour, including Nano Stern and Anita Tijoux among others.

Also, from June 22-24. thousands of volunteers will come out onto the streets of Chile to collect donations from pedestrians and drivers who wish to participate in the cause.

For all those who wish to donate but have no Internet access, it is possible to donate by directly depositing money in Banco de Santander, Account No. 1234,  in any of its branches throughout the country.

Un Techo para Chile is present in 18 other Latin American countries under the name “Un Techo para mi País,”, providing a valuable opportunity to thousands of volunteers.