On location in Chile for new Bryan Singer web sci-fi show H+

The project is backed by Warner Studios and American production companies Hip Entertainment and Bad Hat Harry.


Landscapes of the US, Ireland, India, Italy and the African Savannah—you can find them all right here in Chile, in the environs of Santiago. That, at least, is the belief of the creative team behind upcoming online science-fiction series H+.

“We’ve been working on this project since 2006,” said producer and writer Cosimo De Tomasso in an interview with El Mercurio, “and the truth is that this is the only place we found with the variety of locations to allow us to tell the story.”

The series is backed by Warner Studios and American production companies Hip Entertainment and Bad Hat Harry, the latter owned by American director and producer Bryan Singer, of The Usual Suspects and X-Men fame.


It takes place in the near future of 2019, when new technology has allowed for the implant of a chip in the brain that gives people access to television, telephone and internet without any external devices. When a virus begins infecting the chip, it means the spread of a new worldwide epidemic.


Released in 48, five-minute segments, H+ will recount the stories of victims and survivors over the course of 12 years around the world. The aim of the series format will be to construct a world populated with a rich diversity of characters, landscapes and situations, capturing the global scale of the epidemic through its brief, episodic structure.

For now the series is in the early stages of casting, seeking talent within Chile and from abroad to fulfill its diverse needs. Thus far, 15 actors from outside Chile have already been confirmed for major roles, but the creative team behind the show remains open to changes so as to maximize the talent found on the ground here in Chile.

Chile will provide the creative team behind H+ the opportunities for geographic diversity necessary for a project of this scale, while adding the series to its film credits will help Chile bolster its growing reputation as a safe, affordable and versatile filming location.

Open casting calls will be run in Santiago, with two upcoming events on Friday, Feb. 18 at 11am and 7pm, and Saturday Feb. 19 at 11am and 4pm at Julio Prado 1822, Ñuñoa. See www.hpluscasting.com for more information.