Online guides to Santiago barrios from Paige Brown and Tripeezy

Dubbed by local paper La Tercera as “the woman who knows Santiago best,” the Start-Up Chile beneficiary is selling her electronic guides to Chile’s capital at five dollars a pop.


Five months ago Paige Brown began her company in Chile. Her research: trouping around the capital unearthing gems for other, less industriously-minded tourists to follow in her footsteps and enjoy.

Having recently graduated from Vanderbilt University, Tennessee, Brown arrived in Santiago via Start-Up Chile, a government program begun by the Ministry of the Economy. The scheme provides US$ 40,000, as well as many other favorable conditions, to allow foreigners and nationals to turn Chile into a platform for their innovative business ventures.

Brown’s big idea was to create online, virtual tourist guides, developed and expanded on by diverse local authors. She saw the opening for this source of information, written by foreigners who have been living here for at least two years: mostly exchange students who live in the same areas they’re writing about.

Thus began Tripeezy, described on its website as a “source for trusted local and off the beaten path travel recommendations in destinations around the world.” In this way, Brown says in an interview with La Tercera, you get a real local’s overview of the city.

Entries are written in the same format as stories, in which each carefully chosen ‘city guru’ – as Brown terms them – shares their secrets with readers, about the undiscovered gems of Santiago.

There are already several published guides to the capital: The Center, Barrio Bellas Artes, Nightlife in Bellavista, Barrio Brasil and Parks in the Capital. A new guide is currently in progress that charts gastronomy in Las Condes, Providencia and Vitacura, and the company is also promoting its guide to Patagonia.

The guides’ format as a PDF which is easily purchasable online means it can work across a fully integrated media platform, with all the many devices which tourists and travelers visiting the city might like to use. To find out more, visit the Tripeezy guidebooks website,

“This city is much more than how it was described in the New York Times,” Brown said – referring to a news article earlier this year where Chile’s capital was chosen as a Number 1 tourist destination for 2011. “There are interesting people, festivals and loads of great places to eat.”