Organized nudism and naturism gains recognition in Chile

The country is set to expose its future plans in the international spotlight as headquarters for the Latin American Nudism-Naturism Conference scheduled for March 2012.


According to the official website Nudismo Chile, ‘nudism promotes a concept of the body as a whole instead of severing it into desirable and shameful parts’. To realize this, and attain a more accepting attitude towards the body, members need to develop a strong degree of respect and trust towards everyone’s humanity and integrity, including one’s own.

The practice has caused a stir in Chile and is now gaining recognition from the community and authorities as its organized form and information dissemination by nudist clubs make their way into the mainstream tourism industry.

The Naturist Club of Bio Bio – an organization now more than 10 years old, and the recently formed Chilean Naturism Federation which numbers more than 5,000 people, have been working to promote the practice of nudism and naturism at the international level.

Consequently, the International Naturism Federation will hold its annual conference in Chile 2012, putting the country on the international map for wellness tourism.

Chile’s most recent developments have been the acquisition of pristine Playa Luna (Moon Beach) tucked away in a beautiful spot in central northern Chile, next to the village of Horcón, Valparaíso.

In 2000, a routine visit from the Carabineros and Chile’s Government Maritime Division marked the beginning of a trustful and respectful relationship between nudists and local authorities. As they have now gained responsibility for their own territory, the Federation put forward such initiatives as the official recognition and tolerance of the practice of nudism at Playa Luna.

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