Outdoor April

April is the perfect month to enjoy the variety of outdoor activities that Chile and its unforgettable landscapes have to offer

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If there is anything that characterizes our country in all of its length is the possibility to go deep into nature without travelling many kilometers away from the city. We have wonderful landscapes and areas with native and savage flora and fauna within arm’s reach. This quality allows us to enjoy outdoor activities with friends and family all year long.

Therefore, this month has a variety of outdoor activities for you to perfectly enjoy the natural resources of our country.

The International Lo Valdés Mountain Film Festival not only is an alternative for the cinephiles and outdoor cinema enthusiasts, but in this year’s version, the organization of the festival has prepared a variety of activities that include for example a trekking in the area of Cajón del Maipo and yoga lessons in the mountain of Lo Valdés.  Everything is done under the festival spirit, with respect for nature and the mountains.

Enjoy in family the first version of the Nevados de Chillán Run. You will have the opportunity to participate in one of the three categories (2km, 5km and 10km) and run in the mountain, through ancient forests and unforgettable landscapes.

The Cabo Froward Challenge is an activity for the brave and adventurous. Using the most extreme landscapes of the south of Chile, the challenge includes a trail of 57 km, a competition that ends in Cruz del Cabo Frowards, that is also the last continental point of our country and of the Magallanes region. It is an experience you cannot miss, through unbeatable landscapes.

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