Pablo Larraín’s ‘El club’ receives four awards in Festival Iberoamericano de Cine in Brazil

One of the awards was Best Actor, which was granted to the whole cast of the film

El Club
Imagen: Berlinale

The 25th version of Festival Iberoamericano de Cine of Ceará, Brazil started last Thursday and ended this Wednesday, June 24th. It gathered sixty films from different countries, be them Spanish-speaking countries or others.

Pablo Larraín’s ‘El Club’ participated in the festival, and it started the Latin American film section. It was precisely this drama that was awarded in four different categories, becoming the biggest winner of the ceremony. The awards included Best Actor, which was awarded to the whole cast (Alejandro Goic, Jaime Vadell, Alejandro Sieveking, Roberto Farías, and Alfredo Castro). In addition, the film was granted the Best Film, Best Script, and the Critics awards. Actor Alejandro Goic received the awards in representation of the cast.

The film tells the story of four priests who are isolated in a beach house in order to wash away their sins. The cast also includes actress Antonia Zegers, who plays the role of the woman keeping an eye on the religious men.

rIt is worth mentioning that the film already won the Golden Bear award in prestigious Berlin International Film Festival last February.