Aguas Calientes Hot Springs

Sitio Oficial Termas Aguas Calientes

Located in the Puyehue National Park, these thermal sprins offer the experience of bathing in a swimming pool with a temperature that oscillates between 75 ° C. You will also have the possibility to submerge in the waters of the Chanleufú river, located next to it. In addition the enclosure counts with an indoor pool of tempered water.

Daily Fees

Outdoor Pool:
Adult: from $ 4.000
Children: from $ 2.000
Senior Citizen: from $ 2.700
Special needs: from $ 2.700

Indoor Pool:
Adult: from $11.000
Children: from $5.500
Senior Citizen: from $8.000
Special Needs: from $8.000

Termas Aguas Calientes, Puyehue, Chile