El Morado Natural Monument

Trekking Andino

With typical fauna and flora of the mountain range, the Morado stands out for the San Francisco glacier that is at the end of the main trail. Throughout the walk you can appreciate several types of birds, such as the comtocino of Gay, the cordillera hummingbird and the mountain miner.

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Chilean Adult: $ 2.500
Foreign Adult (includes senior adult): $ 5.000
Chileand Adult with special needs: $ 1.500
Foreign Adult with special needs: $ 4.000
Chilean Children (6 to 18 years old): $ 1.500
Foreign Children (6 to 18 años years old): $ 2.500
Children under age 6 or with special needs (Chilean or Foreign): Free.

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Monumento Natural El Morado, San José de Maipo, Chile