Fray Jorge Forest National Park

Pablo Rodríguez | Flickr

Inaugurated in 1941, this park located in the Limrarí province was created with the purpose of preserving one of the country’s most unique and fascinating ecosystems, the Fray Jorge Forest. This place has characteristics of a Valdivian temperate rain forest, even though is located just a few kilometers away from the Atacama desert, the driest desert in the world. This type of forest can easily be found in the south of Chile; that’ss why is so important to preserve this ecosystem in a region with high temperatures and with a desert climate. Its fauna corresponds to the same type found in other forest of the same kind, with trees such as the olivillo, the “medallita” and even in some places it is possible to find “copihues”.

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Admission Fee

Chilean Adult: $3.000
Chilean children: $1.500
Foreign Adult: $6.000
Foreign Children: $3.000
Children under 6: Free
Senior Citizens: Free
Special Needs: Free

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Parque Nacional Bosque Fray Jorge, Ovalle, Chile