La Campana National Park

Jorge Leon Cabello | Flickr

This parks cover a total of 8.000 hectares, divided into tree main areas: «Granizos», «Cajón Grande» and «Palmas de Ococa». Each area allows to do trekking, providing different paths that are perfect for the sighting of flora, fauna and beautiful waterfalls. Within this park, the «Palmar de Ocoa» forest stands out for being one of the only natural forest of Chilean wine palm, an endemic species of Chile. Among the different species of fauna found in the park are the Chilla and Andean fox, along with felines such as the cougar, the kodkod and the colocolo, and different types of rodents. It’s worth noting that within the park you can access several mining sites that go back several years.

Admission Fee

Chilean Adult: $2.300
Chilean Child: $1.200
Senior Citizen or Special Needs: $1.200
Foreign Adult: $4.000
Foreign Child: $2.000

Parque Nacional La Campana, Sector Cajón Grande. - F-668, Olmué