Lago Jeinimeni National Reserve

Gabriel Urrutia Galaz

With an annual temperature that surrounds the 4° Celsius, the Lago Jeinimeni National Reserve is cosntantly visited by nature, treking, archeology and geology enthusiasts. With a flora formed by coigües, llaretas, vautro lenga beech and the magellan barberry, the reserve stands out for having different types of vegetation. Within the reserve there is an access to the Hand Caves, a place of high cultural and archeological value.

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Admission Fees:

Chilean Adult: $2.000
Foreign Adult (includes foreign senior citizens): $3.000
Adult with special needs: $1.000
Chilean Senior Citizen: $1.000
Children under 6: Free
Children ages 6 to 18: $1.000
Foreign Children: $1.500
Children with special needs: Free

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Reserva nacional Lago Jeinimeni, Chile Chico, Chile