Milodon’s Cave Natural Monument

Jose Luis Hidalgo R. | Flickr

It has the well known interpretive trail Cueva Grande and an excursion trail that connects all the tourist attractions of this natural monument. This site is part of the iniciatives to protect certain mammalian species such as: the culpeo fox, puma, wildcat and chingue; and among the birds the carancho, eagle and condor. The national monument has an Environmental Information Center, picnic areas, trails and food sales availables for visitors.

High Season:

Chilean Adult: $2.500
Chilean Children: $1.500
Foreign Adult: $5.000
Foreign Children: $2.500
Adult with special needs $1.500
Senior Adult $1.500

Low Season:

Chilean Adult $1.000
Chilean Children $500
Foreign Adult $2.000
Foreign Children $500
Adult with special needs $1.000
Senior Adult $500.

High season is from October until April. Low Season is from May to September.

Cueva del Milodon - Y-290, Natales, Chile