Theatre: “Fear and Tembling”

Teatro UC

Based on the best-seller by the same name, comes this monologe of a woman that shares her experience regarding the humilliations and violence that she went throught while living in Japan. Covered in a black niwab, you can appreciate her transformation into a geisha, the symbol of the alienated japanese woman.

This post is also available in Spanish


$8.000 General Admission
$6.000 Senior (present identification)
$6.000 Alumni UC (present identification)
$4.000 Popular Wednesday
$4.000 Students (present credential)
$4.000 UC Community (UC Professors and UC Workers present TUC card)

Vecino Ñuñoa Card (present card along with identification)
$6.000 General Ñuñoa
$4.000 Senior Ñuñoa

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Teatro UC - Jorge Washington, Santiago, Chile