Patagonia will have a sustainable tourism network

After getting to know Costa Rica’s experience, sector businesspeople committed themselves to applying a model that is respectful of the environment.


They brought the idea from Costa Rica, one of the most respected countries in the world in terms of environmental policy. And the goal is to apply it in the Chilean Patagonia. What is it about? Creating and strengthening a sustainable tourism network in the Los Lagos and Aysén Regions that is administered by a group of businesspeople from the area.

Financed by InnovaChile, the Chilean “technological mission» to Costa Rica was centered on learning the models applied in the Central American country in terms of environmental management and the development of sustainable tourism.

The group presented the results of the trip upon arriving in Chile, highlighting that the experience was very enlightening, as after meeting with diverse sector experts and visiting Research Centers and national Parks, the mission allowed them to learn sustainable tourism techniques and get to know a system close up that works with the public and private sectors simultaneously.

Along these lines, Tamara Ulrich, a businesswoman from Puerto Tranquilo and a member of the group, highlighted the Costa Rican model that has allowed the country to obtain the certificate of quality that it has. “It was very interesting to see how they have managed to position the sustainability brand to maintain and to improve tourism,” she stated.

In the travelers’ opinion, the most important thing is to be able to replicate the system in Chile, projecting tourism in the southern part of the country over time.

For Corfo Director Waldo Barraza, these “technological missions” are very important for the country’s businesspeople. That is why the CORFO’s InnovaChile program contributed over 60% of the real cost of the mission that eight of the businesspeople from the Aysén and Los Lagos Regions went on. “We hope to create a sustainable tourism network with participation by entrepreneurs from both regions, he added.”

It should be noted that the different strategies that have been proposed for tourism in Patagonia include promoting care for and preservation of the environment and natural resources, the creation and promotion of tourist activities all year long with varied products and the development of public infrastructure to add tourist value to the territory.