People of the world write to express joy at the rescue of Chile’s miners

ThisIsChile’s editorial has been receiving letters from all over the world from normal people who heard the news and felt great concern about the incredible story unfolding in Copiapó. Here are just a few.


I would like to congratulate the Chilean rescue services and the people on a brilliant example to the world, that we could all work together to overcome such disasters and world challenges.
God bless Chile.
Mr. RK Brown, United Kingdom

Although I am very tired from not being able to sleep watching the rescue of the miners, I wanted to tell you we are amazed by so much humanity. Each time the capsule came out, it was like a new birth, every child or adult with their own reaction and, am I sure, private tears. We are extremely moved by the dignity with which you have handled things, the level of detail and efficiency that has left us speechless. That is really Chile.

I was fascinated by the emotional control with which [Chile] has handled – and is handling – the situations and the overflowing of happiness that will follow.

With all the affection I have for [Chile], I want to tell Chileans how much we admire them, giving «birth» at this age…. And to say to you again that seeing the boys coming out clean, shaven, handsome human beings, has left us stunned.

I would now seriously propose you all for the Nobel Peace Prize (if any prize could be more fitting than Sepulveda’s joy…) for having understood how valuable human life is, how much we must care for it and love it.

I send you all my love and admiration and extend it to all Chileans.
Estrella Gazir, Peru

I just wanted to express my great delight that all of the trapped miners and their rescuers are now safe and sound.  I would like to send my congratulations via you to all the Chilean people for their heroic efforts.  The super human endeavors of the engineering crews have given the world some very good news, which does not happen often.

Wonderful, wonderful News. Fantastic! Well Done!
Derek Francis, Harpenden, England

I would like to send heartfelt congratulations to the Chilean people in general, to the President and the Mining Minister of Chile, to the mine rescuers and to the 33 rescued miners for the amazing achievement that we have witnessed even here in South Africa over the last few days.

Chile’s resilience, determination, dignity and organizational ability have been an inspiration to the rest of the world and I look forward to maybe one day visiting a Country that I would not previously have considered.
With very best wishes for the future.
Ian Smithies, South Africa

God bless all the 33 miners, their families, the many people who worked so hard for so long to bring the men to safety and the wonderful people of Chile.  Your President is an example of what a true leader should be.  All of you are an inspiration to a troubled world.  Your faith and courage and love of country are a true example of the human spirit at its best.  May you remain always faithful to everything that has sustained you during this experience.
Toni Weaver, Cambria, California, USA

My wife and I are from the United States.  We just wanted to reach out to the Chilean people and tell you all how proud and humbled we are in the way your nation reacted to the earthquake and mining disasters you have so nobly overcome.  We were riveted to the TV coverage of the 22 hour miner rescue and mesmerized by the incredible humanity expressed by the miners, the rescuers, and your president.  The dignified way you celebrated the second chance life the miners and their families can now embrace was a testament to all of you.  God bless Chile!  You have done well.  You have risen up to incredible challenges. You have given the world an example of how we should live and act together.  God bless all of you, especially «Los 33″, and the marvelous efforts of the rescuers!
Jim and Donna Scott, Illinois, USA

We were glued to our television most of yesterday as each miner was rescued.   Our prayers of thanksgiving are sent up to God for the miners’ safe recovery. What bravery all the miners and the many brave rescue workers displayed throughout!
We would like to visit Santiago and learn more about your amazing country.
Jack Bowdle, Seattle, USA

I think I can speak for all Canadians when I give a collective «Hip Hip Hooray» for all of your miners. I would put this event as one of the most positive things I have ever witnessed. In a world full of depressing tragedies, this could have been just one more nail in our planet’s coffin.  But, thanks to absolutely heroic efforts and some help from around the globe, some families are smiling again. Not just your Chilean families, every family on every continent.

Thank you, bless you all.  Keep on keepin’ on!
Grant Husdon, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I would like to congratulate Chile for the successfully rescuing of its gallant sons from such eminent catastrophic situation at San Jose mine. As the Chilean President said it is really a miracle. I was following the situation for the last two month and I cried when I watched on TV live, when the second man (Mario) was lifted to the surface. The incredible and continues effort has paid off and it was an exemplary effort for the whole world. If all humanity worked to save life like what you did in Chile, this world would be an excellent place. You gave hope to the world. Chile must be proud of its president and his family, his government, the rescue workers and every body who involved in the operation. This is what humanity should be!
I am extremely glad and proud of you. Congratulation!

Kindly pass my congratulation to the people of Chile,
Kind Regards
Wonde W.Selassie, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Bravo, Chile! Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!!
William H. Kelly, Saint Simons Island, Georgia, USA

Just to let you know that this is a a BIG story in Australia. We have been watching the rescue live on television since it began yesterday and how thankful we are that all would appear to be safe (as I watch, there is 1 miner to go). This is fantastic. All the best from all Australians to the miners, the rescuers and their families. GO CHILE.
Col Chenoweth, Sydney, Australia

Dear Sir or Madam,
As someone who has a long held admiration for your beautiful country and like many people all over the World, I have been completely engrossed in the rescue of the 33 miners at Copiapo.   I have spent much of today (13 October), watching the TV coverage of the rescue and I am so pleased to see the joy on the faces of everyone involved.  The spirit, togetherness and love of the Chilean people has been an example to the World and brought tears to my eyes.

I have great admiration for everyone involved, from the miners, their families and friends, the Chilean Government and not least of all to the rescue teams.  There has been a supreme effort from all of those and I am so happy to see that their patience has been rewarded.
I know my message will be one of many thousands from all over the World, but I did not want to let this beautiful moment pass without comment.
From a very happy Rachael Francis, Dundee, Scotland.

I have watched the handling of the mine disaster in Chile from the beginning. I have prayed often for the miners and their families. Today, I have shed so many tears of joy! I am happy beyond words for the miners and their families. I am proud of Chile and the manner they have handled this entire problem. Chile has shown the world how to turn a disaster into a a joyous celebration! CONGRATULATIONS CHILIE!!!!
Robert Phillips, Omaha, Nebraska, USA

If I am permitted to use an analogy the Le Monde of Paris used on 9/11, «today we are all Chileans in the world» In the past few days the world waited with tremendous suspense and hope at the efforts of the Chilean government – under the direction of President Sebastian Pinera – the San Jose mine authorities and all others connected to the rescue to save these gallant and patriotic miners. On those early days when they were trapped and the world came to learn these men sang the Chilean National Anthem and prayed under the Chilean flag, they united the world to pray for them. It is perhaps not an exaggeration many like me in the world since then watched and prayed for the safety of these men.  These fine workers taught the world for those who hold on to hope even in the most adverse of circumstances there is always room for optimism. They inspired all of us.
May the miners and their near and dear engage peace, good health and prosperity.
A. Kandappah. Sri Lanka

33 times congratulations. A universal example of solidarity, perseverance, national unity, faith and hope, courage and pride of being Chilean.
Luis Guiulfo, Peru