Photo expo in Chile’s capital spotlights Haitian community

‘Rostros de Haití en Chile’ is an exhibit by photographer Víctor Jimémez that raises awareness for Chile’s Haitian community, now more than 3,000 strong.

Catch a revealing photography exposé in Chile’s capital from now to April 13 at the Centro Arte Alameda. The no-frills exhibition spotlights members of Chile’s Haitian community.

In a series of stark black and white portraits, photographer Víctor Jiménez captures the idiosyncratic personalities of Haitian-Chilean community members of all ages, hoping to raise awareness for this unique community in Chile.

“They are some of the faces of the more than 3,000 Haitian immigrants that live in our country,” Jiménez wrote in his artist’s statement. “They are the faces of children, adults, mothers, fathers, seniors, and entire families who left their country for a second chance.”

In the execution of his exhibit Rostros de Haití en Chile [Haitian Faces in Chile], Jiménez trailed members of the Chilean based non-profit Misión Haití Chile, an outreach program that provides legal, social, and medical council to Haitians living in Chile.

Jiménez’s exposition posits itself as a call to action, hoping to inspire a larger Chilean community to reach out to Haitians living in the country.

“It’s up to each one of us to show the different realities lived in our society, realities that are foreign to some, but commonplace to others,” he wrote.

Centro de Arte Alameda

While you can peruse the exhibition itself in a matter of minutes, be sure to take advantage of Centro de Arte Alameda’s other quirky offerings.

A safe-haven from the bustle of Av. Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins (also known as Alameda), this cultural center has an airy indoor pavilion complete with a café, art house movie theater, and adjoined thrift store.

Daily movie screenings of top Chilean and foreign independent films cost US$ 6 (CLP 3,000) with discounts for seniors and students. Their concert venue called ‘El Living’ (The living room) consistently offers some of Chile’s best alternative music acts, as well as DJ dance parties.

For the lineup and more information about the space, visit the website. Centro Arte Alameda is located at Av. Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins 139.