Pianist Mahani Teave launches international campaign to build a music school in Easter Island

This past July 21, the piano soloist released a Crowdfunding in the United States to found a self-sustainable school under the Earthship premise in Easter Island.

Mahani Teave

SANTIAGO.-  Tonight, pianist Mahani Teave, who leads the Easter Island Music School and the ONG TOKI RAPA NUI, launched the international fundraising campaign “A school for Rapa Nui” that seeks to raise US$ 160.000 on Indiegogo (an online platform) in order to build a unique center in Latin America and in the Polynesia, completely self-sustaible and built of recycled materials.

The cultural ambassador of Easter Island relied on the advice of ProChile and Fundación Imagen de Chile and spent months working on the project. Also, other national and international artist showed their support to the initiative.

The project has been designed by North American architect Michael Reynolds, who hopes to travel to the Easter Island with a team of 200 people from all over the world to build the Music School in November 2014. If the project follows through, the institution could start operating in 2015, integrating disciplines like ancestral singing and receiving more than 20 kids that still wait for a place in the school.

Mahani Teave and the ONG TOKI already have around 70 kids studying disciplines like cello, violin, piano and ukulele for free and with the support of teachers with exceptional CVs. The school also works as a space of social protection and of preservation of the Easter Island culture since it rescues aboriginal music and integrates the knowledge of “choirs” or wise-men.

Currently, and since it started in 2012, the students from the Music School carry out their classes in spaces provided by the community.

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