Pichilemu, surfing capital

The waves attract, seduce and conquer those who flock to Pichilemu to surf from all over the world.


Punta de Lobos, six km south of Pichilemu, is the place that receives the largest number of visitors. From the cliffs of a dismembered coastline you can see how world-class left-peaking waves are created. With heights of over 2.5 meters, they stretch for 1,000 to 1,500 meters, allowing surfers to fully enjoy each wave.

And there is more. Pichilemu is a meeting place for the surfing tribe and the thousands of visitors who prefer its long black sand beaches and its varied heritage monuments like the Agustin Roos Municipal Park with its enormous trees, or the old train station.

It is a curious place. In one street only completos, or hot dogs, are offered, while at the same time the hotels are open to the tastes of consumers. Nearby, 20 km to the south, is the town of Cáhuil, with a lake produced by the mouth of the Nilahue estuary and small salt mines that are interesting to visit. Pichilemu is 126 km west of San Fernando.