Plaza de Armas

Perhaps this is where it all begins, or perhaps everything converges here. It is the city’s origin and a meeting point for its inhabitants


This is the heart of Santiago. Geographically speaking it is kilometer 0 and is a portrait of essential Chile. Surrounded by the Post Office and Municipality buildings, it was laid out by Pedro de Valdivia himself, who founded the city in 1541. The square houses civic, cultural and religious buildings. The Cathedral and the National History Museum stand out.

On one side of the plaza is the Catedral Metropolitana de Santiago. In the east you can see the Post Office, the Municipality of Santiago and the National Historical Museum which is located in the building that formerly occupied the Royal Court.

The plaza also features a statue of Pedro de Valdivia and the monument to the Indigenous Peoples. Craftspeople and painters are part of the atmosphere in the square. Workers, retirees, immigrants, and campaigning politicians stroll through it.