Portillo, mountain tradition

Located near the Christ Redeemer monument, it has the slopes preferred by European teams in winter competitions.


Portillo is the main center for the practice of snow sports and one of the key places in the history of winter sports in the country.

The hotel was built in 1930 and officially founded in 1949. Beginning in the early part of the century, English engineers building the railway line between Los Andes and Mendoza had turned it into a place of particular interest. It is located next to the beautiful Inca Lagoon (Laguna del Inca).

The Portillo hotel is currently the reference point for a ski center with technical and distance slopes. The most famous one is Roca Jack because of its spectacular nature, followed by the Plateau slope.

Portillo features 12 ski lifts with quadruple, triple, and double seats, va et vient and t-bar lifts. The longest one is almost 3,200 meters and classic skiers coexist there with snowboarders. In addition, you can go heliskiing with a view of Mount Aconcagua or ski off-slope accompanied by a guide. It is located 164 km northeast of Santiago.