Premios Pulsar 2015: the first awards that recognize Chilean Music

The awards ceremony will be held on July 28th.

Ana Tijoux

This year, the Pulsar Awards will take place for the first time. This is an initiative of the Copyright Society of Chile (SCD in Spanish) that seeks to recognize the work of Chilean musicians, be them emerging or with an extensive career. These awards were born after the institution decided to end the Altazor Awards, which were the only ones that awarded Chilean art at the time.

There are twenty categories, such as Best Rock Artist, Best Singer-Songwriter, and Best Newcomer, among others. For every category, there are five nominated artists, which makes a total of one hundred nominated artists, being Anita Tijoux, Manuel García, Banda Conmoción, Nano Stern, and Bbs Paranóicos some of them. They were chosen by a jury composed of more than a hundred participants belonging to the music industry, such as musicians, journalists, music producers, among others.

Regarding the awards, Álvaro Scaramelli, president of SCD, explains to El Mostrador newspaper that “the music industry is by far the biggest one and deserves to have its own awards, because the awards make visible music manifestations that aren’t associated with the market. Then, in a way, the awards allows artists to feel recognized for the work they do, even though they are not massively known people. And, in this sense, all the artist that apply to the awards and released an album this year, can be nominated to a category without being played in radio stations.”

The winners will be chosen through voting process that finishes on July, 24th. You can vote in (website in Spanish)