Premium mineral water made in Chile

The eternal ice of the Andes Range is the perfect source for highly pure water that is enjoyed all over the world.


Although Chile boasts the driest desert in the world, it also features one of the greatest reserves of sweet water on the planet. Nestled among the Andes Range mountains are glaciers extending over several hundreds of miles and strong flowing rivers that carry pure water to the ocean, lakes and springs.

These privileged water resources have been tapped into by companies seeking to offer Chilean mountain water to the rest of the world. One of these products is 9500, a 100% Chilean premium mineral water.

The name 9500 refers to the number of years that, according to studies, the water takes to flow from its source in the Peteroa glacier to the springs located in Cumpeo, in the province of Talca, where the company Peteroa Waters installed a modern plant to bottle this exclusive product.

To certify its quality, 9500 has been rated by expert tasters as Fine Water within the Fancy Food category, a niche for gourmet food products that are highly appreciated all over the world.

A growing industry

The premium water market is in full expansion at a global level. In fact, according to the consulting company Zenith International, the consumption of bottled water has already outperformed that of soft drinks, and the demand for the luxury varieties continues to grow. This is especially true in Europe, where water bars have been created, as well as water-tasting courses, as occurs in the case of other high category products such as wine, olive oil and beer.

Another Chilean water product that is renowned for its purity is Agua Mineral Puyehue, produced on the shores of  Lake Puyehue, located in the Los Ríos Region (which is also the site of one of the best thermal water spas in Chile), in the south of the country. This product was included in the 2009 edition of the international guide for gourmet waters, Fine Waters, that singles out the 15 best mineral waters in the world.

The publication gave Agua Mineral Puyehue its highest five-star rating, and also highlighted the philosophy of the Chilean company, to take the water directly from the mountainous forests of the south of the country to the consumer’s table. “Agua Mineral Puyehue is 100% organic water, the secret of which is the natural balance of its mineral content. We feel very honored that an expert such as Michael Mascha has included us in his guidebook and with such a high rating”, stated Verena Romeny, commercial manager of the company.

The source of this water is located in the foothills of the Puyehue Volcano, among native forests and virgin vegetation, with no human habitation in the surrounding 100 kilometers. Agua Mineral Puyehue is extracted from a depth of 172 meters, to be subsequently bottled and sent to restaurants, hotels and bars all over the world.