Presentation of an international version of Violeta Parra’s classic song

Chilean and foreign singers, including Shakira, Juanes and Michael Bublé, recorded a new version of the song of this Chilean artist with the aim of raising funds to assist in the reconstruction effort after the earthquake that affected the country.

The project "Voces Unidas por Chile" aimed at raising funds to assist the victims of the catastrophe
The project "Voces Unidas por Chile" aimed at raising funds to assist the victims of the catastrophe

Juanes, Alejandro Sanz, Juan Luis Guerra, Laura Pausini, Fher de Maná, Shakira, Michael Bublé and Miguel Bosé joined Chilean artist Beto Cuevas in recording a new version of  Violeta Parra’s emblematic song “Gracias a la Vida”. This composition, written in gratitude to life, has been a presence in the musical records of Chile for over 40 years and has been disseminated all over the world by artists such as Joan Baez and Mercedes Sosa.

The earthquake of 27 February that affected Chile, followed by a devastating tsunami that swept away entire settlements in the center-south coast of the country, gave rise to the project «Voces Unidas por Chile» (Voices United for Chile), aimed at raising funds to assist the victims of the catastrophe. Without regard for whatever corner of the planet they were in at the time due to their respective agendas, the renowned singers made the time to record the part of the song that they were asked to interpret. In this way, Beto Cuevas –who led the initiative– recorded in Los Angeles; Juanes in London, Alejandro Sanz in Santiago; Juan Luis Guerra in Miami; Laura Pausini in Italy, Fher in Guadalajara, Mexico; Shakira in Nassau; Michael Bublé in New York and Miguel Bosé in Madrid. Production was left in the capable hands of the renowned Chilean professional Humberto Gatica, and the recording was launched in the market on 4 May of this year. All the funds raised will go to “Habitat for Humanity”, an organization that provides support and housing to vulnerable populations in different parts of the world affected by natural catastrophes or man-made disasters.

After the earthquake, Chile was no exception and prompted the immediate action of the brigades in charge of supporting tasks related to education, training and strategies in recovery and reconstruction, although for the moment funding is still insufficient. International solidarity has been strongly felt in Chile. After the catastrophe several governments made gestures of support, and concerts were also organized to help. One of these was «Argentina abraza a Chile» (Argentina embraces Chile), which brought together more than 100,000 people who contributed food, clothes and blankets that were sent to the Chileans dispossessed by the earthquake.