Presenting the first immigrant website in Chile

The page will be officially launched Sunday, 16 May. It is designed to provide information about immigrant rights, employment contracts and healthcare, among other important issues for foreigners residing in Chile.


On Monday Fundación Ideas presented the first webpage bringing together the immigrant community in Chile. In addition, the page provides access to guidance from the Universidad Diego Portales (UDP) Juridical Clinic.

The site ( is part of the Fundación Ideas project «We are all immigrants«. This agency has held workshops and training sessions for immigrants in Chile in order to strengthen their rights and encourage their participation in Chilean society.

Foreigners residing in Chile can use the webpage to find information about their immigrant rights, working contracts and healthcare, among other relevant issues for immigrants. Likewise, information regarding existing cooperation networks in Santiago is also available.

But the project goes even further than this, aiming to become the number one social network for immigrants in Chile, with a format similar to the popular website Facebook.

In keeping with the same, anyone wishing to join the Somos Migrantes (We Are Immigrants) network can design his or her own profile and thus create a space for sharing experiences as an immigrant and for sending pictures and videos. This will give birth to an extensive social network «and an excellent example of a plural and diversity-tolerant society«, as stated in the Fundación Ideas’ official release.

The website will be officially launched at Teatro Facetas Sunday, 16 May at 4 PM. All immigrant families in Chile are invited and the event will also feature live music and a cocktail.

According to the latest International Organization for Migration (OIM) report published in 2008, Chile’s immigrant population currently amounts to 317,000 people.