President Bachelet to launch the Chinese version of in Shanghai

The official web site about tourism, business, academic exchange, and living in Chile will be available for the country’s major business partner.


President Michelle Bachelet has been chosen to present the Chinese version of, the country’s official website developed by the Fundación Imagen de Chile, during her next visit to Shanghai. The site’s English and Spanish versions were launched in late August of this year to promote different aspects of tourism, business, education (academic exchange), and living in Chile.

Chile’s Head of State will travel to the Asian giant in November for the inauguration of the Chile Pavilion in the Expo 2010 Shanghai World Fair, which will open its doors next May.

The Executive Director of the Fundación Imagen de Chile, former Secretary of State Juan Gabriel Valdés, emphasized that this initiative is part of the organization’s campaign to position Chile internationally and that it will make it possible for another 1.3 billion people to learn about the country in their own language.

“China is our most important commercial partner and the primary destination for Chilean exports; therefore the Shanghai launch of the official site’s third stage represents a landmark in the bilateral relations, as well as a solid and substantive effort to strengthen all of the bonds that join the two nations,” Valdés explained.

The site contains more than 2,600 articles divided into five central thematic areas with general information about the country, multi-media material, and relevant information for foreigners who wish to learn more about the country or take concrete steps toward business, tourism, studies, and/or residence.

Historic Relationship between Chile & China

The friendship between the two governments began in earnest in 2006, when they signed a free trade agreement, and through which almost none of the Chilean products that enter China are subject to tariffs. As a result, Chilean exports to China doubled as soon as the agreement was signed. The offer rose from 291 products in 2005 to 404 in 2008, while the number of export companies rose from 429 to 568 in the same period.

After resolving aspects relative to the business of goods and services, the two countries are now negotiating the investments chapter within the third phase of strengthening the FTA, which also has the possibility of increasing the import of Chinese products to Chile by 40%.

The bilateral agreement has been reflected in successive gestures. For example, Chile was the first country to establish diplomatic relations with China, while China chose Chile to be its first individual partner with which to sign an economic agreement.

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