Putting Chilean craft beers on the tourist map

A new resource highlighting over 140 of Chile’s breweries is set to be launched later this year. Plus, below, we give recommendations for 6 top Chilean beers.


The first ever map displaying the location of Chile’s breweries and microbreweries will be ready in time for the peak tourism period this summer.

The Chilean Beer Map will highlight all the craft and experimental beers from Arica in the country’s extreme north to the southern city of Punta Arenas.

An initiative of marketing group, Andes Wines, the aim of the map is to boost beer tourism in the ale-loving South American nation.

The group has been working on the project for the past six months, identifying and locating all the Chilean breweries that have an official business license.

The new resource will be targeted at foreign tourists and beer lovers who want to arm themselves with quality information about the amber beverage in Chile.

“The current registry that [we] have put together includes more than 140 breweries from the north to the south and even includes distant regions like Easter Island, Robinson Crusoe Island and Punta Arenas,” said the international director of Andes Wines and the general coordinator of the Chilean Beer Map project, Pamela Villablanca.

“We began by searching for small breweries in a wide range of cities that are off the traditional tourist trail in order to include them as well.”

The Chilean Beer Map is part of a broader project called the ‘Craft Beer Strategic Plan’ which has been raising the profile of Chile’s artisan beers on a nationally and abroad for the past two years.

Up to 2,000 copies of the map will be distributed to hotels and participating breweries in Santiago, Coquimbo,  Valparaíso, Biobío and Chile’s southern regions.

Top six
Andes Wines has compiled a list of six of the most interesting beers that will appear on the map when it is released this summer.

1. Insular from Robinson Crusoe Island
2. Austral from Punta Arenas
3. Kunstmann from Valdivia
4. Toropaire from Quillón
5. Desértica from Antofogasta
6. Mahina from Easter Island