Quality of life

Chile has an allure. The reasons for this include its political and economic stability, its warm people and its spectacular landscapes.


Chile receives its visitors with top notch road and airport infrastructure. From Santiago’s main airport you can be in the mountains, the beach, or an event center with modern telecommunications services at your fingertips in less than two hours.

International rankings describe Chile as one of the best countries to live. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Quality-of-Life Index (2005), Chile is second in Latin America and 37th in the world, out of 111 countries analyzed. Another recent study by EIU ranked Santiago as the second best city to live in Latin America.

The country has public health and constant epidemiological surveillance networks comprised of public and private hospitals. Chilean cities are safe, private and public education offers a wide range of schools and universities, and cultural life provides access to international artistic and sporting events.

Whatever the foreigners’ interests, Chile awaits them without promises but also without disappointment for anybody. Popular or sophisticated, athletic or artistic, business or academic actives, the thirst for nostalgia and the vision of the future, or simply the search for a calm place to live with a wide geographic and climatic range to choose from. Each interest finds its space and the chance to interact with people and groups who share common interests.

The «Chilenos»

Perhaps the most attractive thing about Chile is its contrasts, both geographic as well as climatic, which are part of its beauty, calm, and safety, while simultaneously they providing an outlet to the spirit of adventure, artistic experimentation, sporting passion, intellectual endeavors, and also a taste for good food and parties. In Chile there is complete freedom expression and diversity of creeds, tolerance for different customs, and a total openness to international sports and artistic events.

The people of Chile, or the «Chilenos», are of a warm and generous spirit. In its tradition, Chile considers itself “asylum against oppression,” as part of the national anthem says, and affectionately at the service “of foreign friends,” as the folk song “Si vas para Chile” (If you travel to Chile) says.

The main distinguishing mark of its literature is poetry and the country is known and appreciated around the world as a country of poets, with renowned authors like Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda, both Nobel Prize winners, Vicente Huidobro, and Nicanor Parra, along with generations of bards who continue and renew the tradition.

The official sport is the Rodeo, but football is the most popular and massive. Chile is a country that is both dreaming as well as pragmatic, that modernizes with an enterprising spirit and has institutions and services that operate in a stable way. Its narrow and crazy geography distributes varied climates and landscapes: desert and glaciers; rains and springs, lakes and wine harvests, woods and mountains, southern channels and flowering deserts, mountains over 6,000 meters high and oceans that reach depths of up to 8,000 meters. And there are also the insular territories in the Pacific Ocean, mainly the Juan Fernandez archipelago and Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui.