Raul Ruiz

A cult filmmaker with over 200 movies to his name, he has filmed works ranging from low-budget underground movies to super-productions with stars like Marcello Mastroianni and Catherine Deneuve.

Raúl Ruiz
Riccardo De Luca

Raul Ruiz Pino was born in Puerto Montt on  July 25, 1941. He grew up in Chiloé, the son of a sailor in the merchant marine. He studied theater and filmmaking in Santiago and also joined literary circles as a playwright, narrator and essayist. He made documentaries during the Popular Unity (Unidad Popular) government.

Raul Ruiz began his audiovisual career in the 1960s: he worked as a TV script writer and filmed “La Maleta” (The Suitcase), his first medium-length film, in 1969. He made “Tres Tristes Tigres” (Three Sad Tigers) in 1968, his first feature length film that has now become a classic of Chilean cinema.

A supporter of President Salvador Allende, during the Popular Unity government he filmed the documentaries “Ahora te vamos  a llamar hermano” (Now we will call you  brother) and “La Nueva Canción Chilena” (New Chilean Song), among others. He also filmed “Palomita Blanca” (White Dove), material that was lost for many years in the maelstrom of the 1973 coup and was only shown to the public in 1992.

In exile he filmed “Dialogo de Exiliados” (Dialogue of Exiles) in 1974 and then came a long series of films that received international acclaim. His work, which has a certain poetic touch that allows diverse interpretations, includes “The Suspended Vocation” (1977), “The Hypothesis of the Stolen Painting” (1978), “The Sailor’s Three Crowns” (1983), and “Time Regained” (1998), starring Catherine Deneuve and John Malkovich act in.

After his exile, in Chile he filmed “Cofralandes, Chilean Rhapsody” (2002), where he unfolds an interested perspective on everyday popular life in Chile.

Among his many distinctions, Raúl Ruiz received the César Award for the best plot for a short film with “Colloquium of Dogs” in 1979. In 1997 he received the National Representative and Audiovisual Arts Prize, awarded by the Chilean Government.