Renowned global touristic websites recommend visiting Chile on 2015

From all destinations, Santiago and the Patgonia stand out

Torres del Paine
Imagen: Vera & Jean-Christophe

TripAdvisor website highlights Santiago as the second best place in South America, only surpassed by Manaos in northern Brazil. The site describes the Chilean capital like this: “Santiago is one of those metropolitan joyful places in which the more you look, the more you find.”

Travel+Leisure also placed Chile among the 50 best destinations to be visited this year. In the publication, they stress that the favourite destinations are the Atacama Desert and the Patagonia, but that there is much more to see, like Los Lagos Region, Pucón, the Millahue Valley and the capital city.

In addition, Fodor’s guide selected the Patagonia as well among the 25 recommended destinations for this 2015, and pointed out that “this impressive natural marvel had never been as accessible as now.”

The fourth and last website, Rough Guides, places Chile in the sixth place out of ten recommended countries. “We agree: Chile can be smaller than some of its neighbours in South America, but it is going to be a hit with no doubt. Visit it on 2015 to absorb the South American soccer spirit when the Copa América (America Cup) starts on June in Santiago,” they stated.