Rising electronic music star Nicolas Jaar featured on Pitchfork media

The 21-year-old Chilean already has his own record label, catalogue of featured singles, and schedule of gigs around the world.


Nicolas Jaar, according to a review in Clash Music magazine, “is 2011’s poster-boy for all things new, exciting yet innovatively restrained in dance music.” The review is but one of many, including The Guardian, DIY Mag, Exclaim! , Cutting Edge, and the well-known blog Creative Review.

Most recently, Jaar’s new album Space is Only Noise, which was released on Feb. 14, has been featured on arguably the most influential music website in the world, Pitchfork Media.

Born to artistic parents, Jaar grew up listening to everything from chilean minimal techno producer Ricardo Villalobos, to hip-hop mastermind Madlib, to Portuguese fado music, Ethiopian jazz, and Pink Floyd while splitting his time between New York and Chile.

The music he produces has been described as “lush,” “meditative,” and “depending more on silence than on beats,” as his loose instrumentals, vocals sampled from old French vinyl, or patterns and remixes of other electronic artists are scattered across moments of complete silence.

Asked why his work is described as ‘dance music,’ Jaar – who studies comparative literature at Brown University when not behind a set of record decks – said that his music just needs a label of this kind for the markets. His albums work better as a whole, rather than offering the standalone singles that work best for club-music producers.

As Jaar goes from strength to strength in the electronic music scene, his label Clown and Sunset is winning delirious admiration around the world. Keep a close eye on the progress of his new album, and to hear new podcasts and mixes visit his frequently updated SoundCloud page, or Myspace.