Roser Bru wins the 2015 National Award of Fine Arts

The work of the 92 year old artist was unanimously chosen as the most consistent.

Roser Bru se adjudica el Premio Nacional de Artes Plásticas 2015

Born on February 15, 1923 in Barcelona, Roser Bru lived her childhood in the middle of the Spanish Civil War, which is why she sailed to Chile at age 16 on board the Winnipeg boat once the political and social conflict had ended. Bru had always excelled because of her versatility in the art world, experimenting on an early stage with all sorts of materials and techniques.

After Bru received the recognition for her work and trajectory, the Minister of Education and member of the jury, Adriana del Piano, said: “The jury based their decision in terms of the consistency of her aesthetic proposal, her awareness as an artist and her capacity to explore other artistic means, which is an effective expression of her current validity. The artist was surprised to be awarded by the Ministry of Education and declared: “I thank everyone, because in the end, my work belongs to all of you”.

Deeply poetic and simple at the same time, Roser Bru’s work stands out because it lacks all sense of pretention and unnecessary decoration, bringing out simple and pure emotions in all of her compositions. “When I first arrived to Chile I tried everything, I painted buttons, pots, and chocolate boxes”, she said. Regarding her work, the jury stated that “it expresses a noticeable identity, which is why she has been able to influence an entire generation, building up a real workshop that stands as a school in our country and where she has actively been trying to bring her job to the community”.

As a painter, Bru joined the Student Group of Fine Arts (GEP) in 1947, next to artists such as José Balmes, Gracia Barrios, Guillermo Núñez, Juan Egenau y Gustavo Poblete, among others. Later, in 1957, she got into “Taller 99”, a workshop created by Nemesio Antúnez, where she kept on learning about engraving techniques. She has worked as a painting and drawing teacher at the School of Arts of Universidad Católica de Chile and has painted several murals for the Cerro San Cristobal’s House of Arts and for the Unctad buiding in Santiago.

In her 92 years of existence, Roser Bru assures that she keeps creating art every day, and she promises to keep expanding her work in different directions. Before leaving the ceremony, the painter commented on her last project: “I don’t lack imagination for this, thankfully. Lately I’ve been working on a giant painting with an X in the middle, it is a work of still art”, she said.