Routes of Chile: Promoting Culture and Local Tourism

8 routes to get to know in deep local culture, heritage and regional identity in Chile.

Nathan Dallesasse
Nathan Dallesasse

The project “Routes of Chile” (Rutas de Chile) was created by Sernatur in 2013 as an initiative seeking to group identitarian characteristics of different zones of our country in order to promote local culture, heritage and tourism; everything related to a particular theme. This way, the connectivity of our highways along the whole country can be used, inviting the visitor to arrange their own trip following the signs.

From north to south, here you have the Routes of Chile.

The Desert Route
Containing 8 tours that explore the extreme geography of the desert, ravines, valleys, high plateau ecosystems, salar pans, churches to visit, mining places and idyllic beaches at the cost; the Desert Route includes the regions of Arica y Parinacota, Tarapacá, Antofagasta and Atacama.

The Stars Route
Honouring the skies of the region of Coquimbo and promoting Gabriela Mistral’s cradle, Nobel Prize in Literature, the Stars Route is formed by 2 tours. The Antakari tour takes you to see the universe through the skies of northern Chile and different astronomic observatories. On the other hand, the Gabriela Mistral route, leads you to the places that inspired the Chilean poet, including museums, vineyards and local heritage sites.

The Capital City Route
5 routes form the Capital City Route and are distributed in the neighbourhoods of Lastarria, Yungay, Nueva Costanera and Bellavista, promoting the gastronomy, culture and nightlife of each of these places. Besides, this route includes a heritage circuit that complements with history, culture and architecture of Santiago.

The Sea Route
The coast of our country is large and diverse, that is why the Sea Route includes tours in 4 different regions. In the first place you can visit the beaches in central Chile, a classic place to go on vacation and also the inspiration for many Chilean poets in the region of Valparaíso; but you can visit also the shores of Maule, beaches in BioBio and the unique landscapes of the Valdivian temperate rainforest in the Los Ríos region.

The Islands Route
All our insular territory takes part of this route, including circuits that take into account diverse cultures in different latitudes. Three circuits to deeply get to know Eastern Island, one focused on the great flora and fauna biodiversity of Juan Fernandez archipelago and finally, the magic, mysticism and heritage value of Chiloe archipelago.

The Origins Route
Focusing on the culture and traditions of the Mapuche, the Origins Route deepens into the roots of the BioBio and Araucania regions. There are three circuits for you to know the origins of mapuche cuisine, everything surrounded by native forests and impressive national parks.

The Carretera Austral Route
A route that follows the same road as the Carretera Austral, going deep into the different attractions that Aysen has to offer. There are 9 circuits that mix up adventure, nature and native forests, extreme sports, trekkings and different moments for you to enjoy the quiet Chilean Patagonia.

The End of the World Route
This route has 2 circuits to better admire the extreme geography of the Magallanes region. Rivers, lakes, snowfields, glaciers, mountains and Torres del Paine, the eighth wonder of the world, make this route a must-see.