Rural Chilean entrepreneurs win chance to sell product in USA

A Mapuche women business cooperative in the Araucanía Region is getting the chance to sell their marmalade at the Puro Chile shop in downtown New York City.

A group of 130 female entrepreneurs from a rural business cooperative in Chile’s Araucanía Region is getting the chance of a lifetime- the opportunity to sell their goods at the well-known Puro Chile shop in downtown New York City.

The lucky business owners are a part of the Zomo Ngen Cooperative, an association of Mapuche women who create artisanal products using native berries and fruits found in their community. The Zomo Ngen Cooperative’s Marmalade de Rosa Mosqueta will now be available for purchase in North America for the first time.

The Zomo Ngen Cooperative is one of 15 entrepreneurial groups selected as winners of a national contest held by the Chilean government’s Technical Cooperation Service, or SERCOTEC. The 15 winners will not only have their products sold at the Puro Chile store for six months, but will also receive help to ensure they meet the product certification standards of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

For Ruth Antipan, a representative of the Zomo Ngen Cooperative, selling their marmalade in New York City will make a significant impact on their community.

“The support from SERCOTEC and government of Chile has been very important, for the families, for the cooperative members. This project means we can now buy more raw materials, which ultimately means extra income for each family,” she said in a press release.

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