SaferTaxi becomes Start-Up Chile’s most funded company

The business, which received funds from Start-Up Chile’s first round of investments in 2011, has since raised US$ 4.2 million. 

SaferTaxi, a taxi ordering mobile phone app, has officially become Start-Up Chile’s  most funded company. Part of Start-Up Chile’s first class back in 2011, SaferTaxi has gone on to raise US$ 4.2 million from investors around the world.
The SaferTaxi app offers a variety of features that improve taxi riding efficiency and personal safety. The app includes an interactive map that allows users to see the locations of nearby taxis, a request to summon a taxi to a specific location feature, an online payment system to pay for rides without cash, and a taxi driver rating system to make rides safer.
The service is currently available in Buenos Aires, Argentina, São Paulo, Brazil, and Santiago, Chile, and usage is widespread: during the month of January, 1,500 taxi rides were arranged through SaferTaxi every day in Santiago alone. The company is positioning itself as the best tool on the market for coordinating taxi travel in South America.
SaferTaxi was founded by Clemens Raemy, Jonathan Lo, and Diego Massanti, three entrepreneurs who met at Harvard Business School. In 2011, the trio moved to Santiago to join Start-Up Chile’s first fundraising round. After receiving US$ 40,000 from Start-Up Chile to kick-start their business, the team went on to receive funds from Tim Draper, a well-known venture capitalist famous for funding successful start-ups like Hotmail and Skype.
Recent second round funding has come from Otto Capital and Kaszek Ventures, among others. According to Cristóbal Llugany, director of SaferTaxi’s Chilean operations, the company will be using this recent funding to improve the app’s features and expand into new markets.
“We lead the industry in Chile and Argentina, and we are expanding with full force in Brazil. These new resources will allow us to improve user experience and move into other cities,” Llugany told PulsoSocial. “Our numbers impress and reflect the quality of our operations and services. This funding will help us to cement our position of leadership.”