SAG Awards donate 3,400 trees to Chilean Patagonia

The Screen Actors Guild Awards, which take place this Sunday, January 27, is reducing its carbon footprint with a major contribution to the forests of Chile. 

Photo courtesy of SAG Awards / Facebook.
Photo courtesy of SAG Awards / Facebook.

The annual Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards in Hollywood is best known for celebrating the year’s great performances in film and television (and for the memorable fashion on the red carpet). But it’s also a major contributor to tree planting efforts in Chilean Patagonia.

The SAG Awards has chosen Chile’s Patagonia Sur as their partner in a unique reforestation effort to offset climate change. Patagonia Sur will be planting 3,400 trees, or two for each of the 1,700 guests at the Post-SAG Awards Gala. Guests attending the event will find a code in their gift bag that allows them to go online and affix their name to a tree in Chile.

The trees will reduce the event’s carbon footprint, and help fight the threat of global warming. This is the second year the SAG Awards has partnered with Patagonia Sur to offset their carbon impact.

“Though Hollywood and Chilean Patagonia are thousands of miles apart, these two unique regions are being linked in an exclusive effort to battle climate change,” event representatives said in a statement.

According to Patagonia Sur General Manager Javier Fuentes, the SAG Awards donation will also make a positive impact on the region’s unique ecosystem.

«Our Native Reforestation project in Patagonia allows organizations to not only offset their carbon footprint, but also recover habitat for native fauna and promote local economic activity,” Fuentes told This is Chile. “We are glad that the SAG Awards has chosen Patagonia Sur to offset the event for the second consecutive year.»

The 19th Annual SAG Awards will be broadcast live internationally on Sunday, Jan. 27, 2013, from the Shrine Exposition Center in Los Angeles. Visit the SAG Awards website for more information on viewing the ceremony.

About Patagonia Sur

Patagonia Sur is a Chilean company that invests in, protects, and enhances ecologically important properties in Chilean Patagonia. The company has begun to create carbon offsets through its Valle California property in the Los Lagos Region of Chilean Patagonia, where it is replanting a previously destroyed forest. Following a set of internationally recognized standards, the company is planting approximately 500,000 native species trees in the area, which are expected to sequester, or neutralize, a total of 171,500 tons of carbon dioxide gas.

Learn more about purchasing carbon offsets and planting trees in Valle California at the Patagonia Sur website.