Santiago, Chile chosen as world’s third most loved city

Chile’s scenic capital city recently received an honor when CNNGo named it  the third most loved city in the world. 

International focus has increasingly turned to Chile’s Andean capital, Santiago. The trend continued last week when CNNGo listed Santiago as one of the world’s most loved cities. Writer Jordan Rane, explained that they searched high and low on the internet to find recommendations and praise for cities, correlated that data, and devised their list which doesn’t have some of the typical tourist locals you might expect.
The article praised Santiago’s “poise” in the aftermath of the 8.8 earthquake that shook the country in 2010.  The author lists many reasons for choosing Santiago. The weather is invariably pleasant with sunny skies and mild winters. The music is lively and upbeat and the café culture is varied and unique. Nightlife extends later giving revelers the chance to enjoy another cocktail in one of the city’s many restaurants or bars with outdoor seating. On top of that, the residents of Santiago are cosmopolitan and collected from when they enter work to when they go out with friends in the evening.
It’s worth mentioning, the article says, that Santiago is within easy driving distance to world-class skiing.  In fact, heli skiing is becoming increasingly popular, but still remains a bargain for intrepid skiers.  The added perk being that travelers from the Northern Hemisphere can come to Chile and ski during their summer instead of hanging up their skis for the season.
International Attention
This is not the first time that an international publication has bestowed such an honor on Santiago. In 2010, The New York Times designated Santiago number one on their list of “41 Places To Go”.  The New York Times’ article cited Santiago’s distinct cultural offerings such as museums and the recent influx of luxury hotels for pampering after a day of touring as key influences in their decision making.
Lately, Chile received the title of the most peaceful country in Latin America by The Global Peace Index who looked at 158 countries and ranked them based on 23 different factors.