Santiago churches, catholic devotion

Legacy of the Colony; architecture, museums and calm in the midst of the big city. They are for discovering and for admiring.


Santiago Cathedral

A National Monument located to one side of the Plaza de Armas. Its construction was begun by the master Antonio Acuña in 1748 and it holds the relics of unknown saints like Saint Venturini and Saint Celfi, in addition to Saint Macrino the Martyr, whose remains are kept below a monumental plaster figure. Of course, the greatest treasure is the phalange from one of the fingers of Saint Teresa de Los Andes, the most popular saint in Chilean history. Plaza de Armas s/n. Phone. 2-6962777.

Parroquia del Santísimo Sacramento (Holy Sacrament Parish Church)

The congregation of the Sacraments was founded in France in 1856 and has a parish church in Santiago that was built in the early 20th century and is an exact replica of the Sacre Coer church in Montmartre, Paris. According to the congregation, the major attraction of this great church is that it holds an identical copy of the central nave underground. That is, it is allegedly two churches in one. Arturo Prat and Santa Isabel, Almagro Park. Phone. 2 – 6383189.

Franciscan Recoleta Church

This small church, perhaps the most traditional one in Santiago, has been a National Monument since 1973 and preserves a unique tradition and rarity. Once a week mass is held in honor of fray Andresito, Andrés García Acosta, who was a donated brother from the Franciscan order who upon his death gave a little bit of blood that has still not clotted a century later, a mystery that has no scientific explanation. Currently Andrés García Acosta’s life and part of his blood plasma are being studied in the Vatican so he can be proclaimed a saint. Recoleta 220. Phone. 2- 7372826).