Santiago is the second most attractive city in which to invest in Latin America

According to the ranking established by the AméricaEconomía magazine, the capital of Chile was only outperformed by Miami, U.S.A.


Highlighting factors such as economic dynamism, infrastructure and physical connectivity, human capital and environmental sustainability, Santiago, Chile once again obtained second place in the ranking of “The best cities in which to do business in Latin America 2010 issued by the AméricaEconomía magazine.

In a survey that encompassed a total of 48 cities, the first place was awarded to Miami, U.S.A., the second to Santiago, Chile and the third to São Paulo, Brazil. Following on the list were Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Panama City, Bogotá, San José and Lima.

This achievement coincided with another second place Chile recently obtained, after São Paulo, in the Índice de Atractividad de Inversiones Urbanas (INAI – Urban Investment Attractiveness Index) 2010. The study, which considers 48 cities, was undertaken by the Centro de Pensamiento de Estrategias Competitivas (Cepec – Competitive Thinking Strategies Center) at the Universidad de Rosario in Colombia and the Chilean company Inteligencia de Negocios.

The survey conducted by AméricaEconomía was carried out using a tool called ICUR, that makes it possible to rank cities from highest to lowest in terms of business capacity and potential and thus establish their main investment attributes.