Santiago will have a new urban park in Cerro Chena

The hill from San Bernardo district was the winner of the Cerros Isla contest (“Island Hills”), which was organised by the Metropolitan Management.

Cerro Chena
Imagen: Ilustre Municipalidad de San Bernardo

On this year’s March, the Metropolitan Region foreman, Claudio Orrego, announced a plan for creating a new natural park in a Santiago hill to be chosen, following the Santa Lucía and San Cristóbal hills models. Four were the chosen hills to participate in this contest, all of them located in peripheral areas: Las Cabras hill in Puente Alto district, Renca hill in Renca district, Blanco hill in Recoleta district, and Chena hill in San Bernardo district.

Each municipality presented a plan with diverse proposals for each hill and, after being evaluated by a group of 25 experts, this week, the Chena hill was pronounced as the winner, and Renca hill as a runner-up.

One of the objectives in the San Bernardo municipality proposal was to improve the accessibility and connection to the hill. Today, Chena hill is hard to access due to its far location and also to Ruta 5 highway passing right at the bottom part of it. This is why one of the measures the project encompassed, and now will come true, is the building of a walkway to facilitate the access to the hill. However, it is not a common highway, but a “green bridge”. This means that the walkway will not be paved and will be pedestrian exclusive. In addition, a public transportation intermodal station will be implemented, with the aim of improving the connection to the sector from other places.

Another one of the big innovations regarding this new park is the cableway, which will become the only one existing in the city, due to the fact that the San Cristóbal hill one ceased its functions a couple of years ago. The route will have three stops, passing by the Vírgen de Chena up to the hilltop.

All these projects, together with other ones that belong to a more comprehensive plan, will begin execution by the end of 2015.