Santiago will have its own giant swimming pool

Only 20 minutes from downtown Santiago, the Chilean firm Crystal Lagoons plans to replicate the success of San Alfonso del Mar, where it built the largest swimming pool in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records.

San Alfonso del Mar
San Alfonso del Mar, the largest pool of the world according the Guinness Record.

Few companies in the world can boast a Guinness record. The Chilean firm Crystal Lagoons belongs to this select minority thanks to its enormous eight-hectare swimming pool located in the resort of San Alfonso del Mar in the Valparaíso Region, which according to the English publication that registers records is the largest in the entire world.

After this giant and modern project, which uses state-of-the-art technology to treat seawater, the company has since built aquatic complexes in Brazil, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Dubai, and it is now planning its incursion into Australia, South Africa, Spain, Vietnam and the United States.

In Egypt alone Crystal Lagoons will build 60 lagoons in seven new real estate and international tourism megaprojects during 2010. This initiative has unleashed a veritable global boom in crystalline lagoons, where the Chilean firm leads the market with total investments of close to US$ 80 billion, the company has reported.

Urban mega-swimming pools

But the idea is not just to build megaprojects for tourists. As a next step, Crystal Lagoons plans to take its enormous swimming pools to cities, for which, together with Inmobiliaria Aconcagua, it is building a 3.5 hectare navigable lagoon with crystalline waters in the municipality of Padre Hurtado, barely 20 minutes from downtown Santiago.

“For us it is a source of pride to develop a project that will go down in history, as it will be the first primary housing project in Santiago that will include this differentiating element,” the general manager of Inmobiliaria Aconcagua says about it. The executive adds that the artificial lagoon will be appropriate for a wide variety of water sports, such as kayaking, sailing and windsurfing.

Crystal Lagoons president Fernando Fischmann also says that “it is without doubt something revolutionary, as we are providing the possibility of enjoying the benefits of the beach in a safe and controlled atmosphere in the middle of the city.” The lagoon will be part of the housing development Laguna del Sol, which includes 3,000 houses and apartments.

The success of this 100% Chilean innovation in the real estate market is to a great degree thanks to having added differentiating value to tourist and real estate projects all over the world, both in coastal zones as well as the interior, including projects near or inside the city, bringing the beach life to places that were previously unthinkable.

But what does Crystal Lagoon’s technology consist in? The method designed by Fischmann, who is a biochemist from the Universidad de Chile, allows keeping a large amount of water clean without using traditional filters and with low levels of chlorine. In addition, the formula is economical, as it allows the pool’s construction and maintenance costs to be cut, thus allowing projects on a much larger scale than with traditional technology.