Santiago will host the world gliding championship final

The country’s excellent weather conditions and clear skies were key factors for Chile to be chosen to organize the event.


Next 2 January, the 15 top gliders in the world will meet in the municipality of Vitacura, in the city of Santiago, before flying up into the skies of the Andes Mountains where they will dispute the final of this specialty.

The event, which will last for eight days, will convene the best sailplane pilots from Australia, Austria, the Czech Republic and Italy, among other countries. In addition, two national competitors will participate, Carlos Roca and René Vidal, who trust in their ability to challenge the world’s best competitors in the specialty.

“We have trained hard, we have completed a championship and Carlos and I have made several flights that we then analyze. We think that we are going to do well,” said Vidal, the national champion in the discipline.

This is not the first time that Chilean skies bear witness to this type of world-class event. The sixth fixture of the championship was held last January. Because of the good organization and the excellent results obtained at the time, the World Air Sports Federation (FAI) chose the country to host the championship final.

For Arturo Diez, general manager of the Club de Aviadores de Vitacura, the optimal weather conditions influenced the decision. “The speeds attained in other countries range between 90 and 110 km/h, when here we can achieve average speeds of 140 km/h. this is due to the conditions of atmospheric instability that the Andes Mountains generate,” he stressed.

To be up to the standards of the event, the event organizers will implement a modern and attractive tracking system, allowing each glider to carry a satellite navigator to broadcast what is happening in real time via a website.

“The website will carry the race live, recreating it in a three-dimensional rendering showing a simulator that indicates the direction that the competitors are moving in,” Diez said.